Dressing to Impress: How I Got Noticed at Work

Suits_IntroPerforming to the best of your abilities every day should be enough to warrant serious consideration when a more senior position become available but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the deciding factor is the impression you make on those around you every day: how good you look as well as how well you perform.

 Does Wearing Tailor Made Suits in London Really Make a Difference?

 I am going to tell you a short story based on my own personal experience, which I think illustrates the need to think about your personal appearance as well as your performance when angling for a promotion.

 A couple of years ago, the manager of our small department left for pastures new. As the only employee with similar experience and tenure, I had assumed that my promotion to the vacant managerial position would be a foregone conclusion. What actually happened was that the job was given to a younger and, although it pains me to say it, better dressed colleague. As you can imagine, I was not best pleased and I very nearly handed in my notice. However, common sense prevailed and I decided that instead of handling it in a negative way, I would take something positive from the incident.

 Investing in My Appearance and My Future

 Over the months that followed my missed promotion, I researched the global men’s clothing market a little more thoroughly and I came to the conclusion that if I were going to start spending a lot more on my business suits, having them made to measure was the only sensible option. Spending a small fortune on an off-the-peg suit that was designed to fit everybody fairly well and nobody perfectly made absolutely no sense to me.

 How My New Clothes Changed My Image at Work

 After spending a few weeks searching for information on tailor made suits in London, I finally took the plunge and ordered 3 suits from a tailor that had received many positive reviews online. As soon as I started to wear them, I noticed that senior managers took me more seriously at work and I also became far more confident when speaking to people in authority. Within six months, I was promoted to a position above the one I had previously missed out on so I can definitely recommend investing in bespoke clothing to anybody else who is looking to further their career!

Tips For Finding The Best Wedding Dress

Wedding DressWedding season is at its brightest best during the summer months and this is the best time to purchase your wedding dress, if you have your wedding around the corner. It is a once in a lifetime shopping and you need to do with a lot of care. Nowadays, there are huge varieties and models to choose from. When you keep looking and comparing each model, you are sure to end up confused. Here sharing some tips that will help you to prepare for your big day.

Start Early
If you are looking for designer gowns, you need to search, select and book in advance. It is best to start your shopping six to nine months before. This way, you will have sufficient time for alterations and delivery. Some brides wish to customize their dress. They may require some changes to the design or size. It is not sure you can pick the right dress instantly in a quick glance. You may wish to change the neckline, add some laces or do other modifications. Your wedding event is going to be a lifetime memory. Ensure to plan and make arrangements in advance. You do not have to rush to the boutiques last minute or get confused whether your dress would get delivered on time.

perfect-white-wedding-dressHave a Budget
It is important for a wedding dress. You have to plan a budget before starting to shop. When you sum up your wedding expenses, you can easily know how much you can afford to spend on your dress. It should be reasonable and not too less. In some cases, you have to pay extra cash for delivery or alteration. Be prepared to handle those expenses. You have to set a budget that encompasses your complete wedding dress expense.

Familiarize yourself
Before starting to shop, you have to know about the latest trends, models and designs. If you have a gown in your mind, learn about the model and price. When you know some details, you can pick the right one in quick time. Most people will enter the shop confused and take a decision after visiting three or four stores. Once you are okay with the base model and design, you can think about secondary criteria like embellishments, sleeves, neckline, etc.

Wedding DressesShortlist your options
It is best to shortlist your favorite wedding dress through Pinterest. When you just type wedding gowns or dress, you can see numerous options. You have to shortlist the ones you feel apt to your taste. You have to look for the common style that impresses you or draws your attention. It can be either fabric, silhouette or designer.

Schedule an appointment
During weekdays, there will be fewercrowds and you can shop conveniently. You do not have to rush with a large crowd during weekends. The best part is you can get best services from staff members. You can fix appointments at salons that offer gowns within your budget. If you have selected a designer store, you can fix an appointment and visit on time.

Last but not the least, ensure you are comfortable in our chosen dress. Ask yourself whether you want to look traditional, chic, modern, understated or sexy. Ensure that it fits the bill, taste and requirement.

Choose The Right Accessories To Go With Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress accessoriesGuess; you have found your wedding gown. Your next step is selecting the right accessories. Here sharing useful advice to choose the best accessories.

Match your metals
Most people do not know this principle. Certain dress colors go well with some unique metals. A common rule is gold and ivory pairs good since it helps to highpoint the creamy shade of the fabric. If you are buying a pure white dress, you can select accents in platinum or silver or that has pearl detailing. Gold mixes excellently with white hues. If you are picking a diamond white gown, the off-white color goes amazing with pearls, silver, rose gold or yellow gold. If you have purchased a dress decorated with beadwork, you will have a tough time choosing unique accessories. For silver beading, you can select earrings, bracelet and necklace with silver base.

Accessories To Go With Your Wedding DressLess is more
You do not have to wear sash, necklace, earrings, tiara and a veil. Accessories help to give a unique look but it does not mean that you have to wear everything you pick. It is best to keep accessories to a minimum. Your gown should stand out and your accessories should help complement it. It should not look odd. If you have selected simple gowns, you can beautify your overall look by adding big accessories. If your hair is down or over your ears, you can use small drops or studs. For updo, you need to pick something dramatic. Chandelier danglershelp to give a dramatic look. It is recommended to avoid patterns that have designs of your gown. There is no need to pick matchy-matchy accessories. It is out of trend.

Know your veils
It is the most important bridal accessory. You have lots of options ranging from ornate mantillas and regal cathedral length classes to flirty birdcages. However, you have to keep certain things in mind when you are buying the right kind of veil.

wedding-dresses· Your veil can match your gown shade. You can choose according to your day-to-day look.
· Be careful when selecting a style. In some cases, your dress may have lot of things. It is best to stick to a simple veil so that it does not rob the spotlight.
· When you want to show your back portion of your dress for the sake of its gorgeous beading or embroidery, you can select a sheer veil. It looks best than tulle of two layers.

Size Matters
Floor length veils or longer waltz will lengthen a diminutive frame whereas mid length styles like elbow length veils or fingertip veils will visually divide you in half. It is necessary to choose a better piece, especially for taller brides. Bandeau or birdcage are short styles. It works for all sizes and shapes. It helps to offer retro and fun feel to your gown.

Top it off:
Apart from veils, there are plenty of things you need to consider. You have to select hairstyle before picking the accessories. Some hairstyles will not go with certain accessories. For loose looks, flower crowns are top choices.