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A Perfect Guide For Choosing Cobalt Wedding Bands


Wedding bands are used in weddings from yesteryear and a lovely sign of union of the bride and groom. Generally, people make use of gold or platinum wedding bands. Gold and platinum jewellery are costlier than other metals, and hence people have moved to other alternatives. Cobalt is an excellent alternative for platinum wedding bands as it offers the same luxurious look as platinum. Cobalt wedding bands are cheaper than platinum. cobalt wedding bands are a perfect option for couples who are planning a wedding based on a budget. These wedding bands are latest fashion trends for a wedding. The link highlights some of the wedding fashion trends preferred by couples of today.

There are various factors to be considered before you purchase a cobalt wedding band for your big day. The article below would help you to know about cobalt wedding bands so that you can purchase a perfect cobalt wedding band for your wedding.

Knowing About Cobalt
It is an alloy which is called cobalt chrome. Cobalt took its place in the periodic table in the year 1735. The metal was used for making beautiful jewellery only a few years before. There is a need to combine other metals along with cobalt to create wedding jewellery. It is a durable alloy which looks attractive than other expensive metal jewellery. After the advent of cobalt to the jewelry market, people consider it as a perfect alternative to other precious metal jewellery like gold and platinum. Cobalt chrome consists of eight different alloys which result in the making of beautiful wedding jewellery.

Factors To Be Considered
Before purchasing cobalt wedding bands, there are specific considerations that you should consider. They are listed below.
· It is not that easy to find a perfect cobalt wedding ring as it is not available in all locations. Cobalt rings or wedding bands are popular in certain places. Identify those areas and purchase your beautiful cobalt wedding band.
· Online purchase of cobalt weddings bands gives the option of purchasing various beautiful designs of wedding bands.
· It is a heavier metal, and it would not be ideal for people who prefer to wear lightweight jewellery.
· Cobalt cannot be stretched or bent as other metals.

There are various benefits of using cobalt for making jewellery. The alloy is attractive and magnificent as it offers the luxury look like that of expensive metals. The white colored cobalt jewellery is trendy, and it goes well with other jewellery like white gold or sterling silver. It is a perfect alternative to expensive platinum jewellery. The alloy is durable, and it is used in the aerospace industry. Thus cobalt rings are scratch resistant. The alloy is free from allergies, and it is ideal for people with metal allergies. The alloy has a unique feature of retaining the shine and glow for several years. This makes cobalt wedding rings as a favorite choice for couples. It is also easy to resize cobalt jewellery based on your need.

The above are the necessary things you should know about cobalt jewellery. The article would help couples to choose perfect cobalt wedding bands for their weddings.

7 Things To Remember Before Saying I Do In City Halls


The San Francisco City Hall is the seat of government and spreads across more than 46,000 m2. This architectural marvel is constructed using tons of steel, granite, and marbles. Do you want to know How to Have a San Francisco City Hall wedding? While it is every bride’s dream to have an unforgettable courthouse wedding ceremony, you can prepare yourself by picking up tips from

So, you are all set to exchange wedding vows and walk down the flower-littered aisle. How about doing it in style? If San Francisco City Hall features on top of your list, here are few things that you should know.

1. It’s All About Money, Honey
Yes. You heard it right. Be prepared to spend $99 for the marriage license and the ceremony costs $75. For private ceremonies, there are rental options, and you can conduct the wedding on the fourth floor or the Mayor’s Balcony. Prices start from $1002 onwards.

It surely gives a sense of excitement that one of the biggest moments of your life will be conducted in this historic building that has stood the test of time.

2. Be On Your Toes
If you have set your destination as San Francisco City Hall, there is no time to waste. Schedule an appointment to get the marriage license, and another one for the grand wedding. If it is a small ceremony, your wedding license can be obtained few days prior the wedding date. This does not hold true for civil weddings.

If you receive the license on the day of the wedding, it is recommended that you allot some time prior to the ceremony. Note that Friday afternoons draw a huge crowd and if you wish to get married on a popular date, make your reservations ninety days in advance to avoid last minute rush.

3. Availing the Marriage License
The couple must be aged eighteen years and above, but not necessarily citizens of the USA. There must a valid photo identification, and once all things are in place, you can collect the marriage license from the County Clerk’s office located on the first floor.

4. Marriage Witnesses
You only need one witness, but two members are required to sign the wedding license. Ask your photographer to come along and sign the document. They will be more than glad to accept the offer, and you might get lucky with the post-wedding shoots.

5. Destination Wedding
Civil ceremonies are conducted in Rotunda, located on the second floor. If there is a rush, couples can get married on the fourth floor or other spots in the building. In case of a private wedding, bring along your own judge who will perform the ceremony.

6. Time Factor
Do not expect elaborate photo shoots or pre-nuptial candid shots. Civil ceremonies have a time limit of ten minutes, owing to the heavy rush. Refrain from clicking family photos so there is not much hindrance to other weddings.

7. Guests Matter
All civil ceremonies accept a maximum of six guests, while a private wedding conducted on the Mayor’s Balcony can accommodate up to one hundred guests.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the tiara, ring, confetti, and head straight to the San Francisco City Hall with your groom in tow.