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Dressing to Impress: How I Got Noticed at Work

Suits_IntroPerforming to the best of your abilities every day should be enough to warrant serious consideration when a more senior position become available but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the deciding factor is the impression you make on those around you every day: how good you look as well as how well you perform.

 Does Wearing Tailor Made Suits in London Really Make a Difference?

 I am going to tell you a short story based on my own personal experience, which I think illustrates the need to think about your personal appearance as well as your performance when angling for a promotion.

 A couple of years ago, the manager of our small department left for pastures new. As the only employee with similar experience and tenure, I had assumed that my promotion to the vacant managerial position would be a foregone conclusion. What actually happened was that the job was given to a younger and, although it pains me to say it, better dressed colleague. As you can imagine, I was not best pleased and I very nearly handed in my notice. However, common sense prevailed and I decided that instead of handling it in a negative way, I would take something positive from the incident.

 Investing in My Appearance and My Future

 Over the months that followed my missed promotion, I researched the global men’s clothing market a little more thoroughly and I came to the conclusion that if I were going to start spending a lot more on my business suits, having them made to measure was the only sensible option. Spending a small fortune on an off-the-peg suit that was designed to fit everybody fairly well and nobody perfectly made absolutely no sense to me.

 How My New Clothes Changed My Image at Work

 After spending a few weeks searching for information on tailor made suits in London, I finally took the plunge and ordered 3 suits from a tailor that had received many positive reviews online. As soon as I started to wear them, I noticed that senior managers took me more seriously at work and I also became far more confident when speaking to people in authority. Within six months, I was promoted to a position above the one I had previously missed out on so I can definitely recommend investing in bespoke clothing to anybody else who is looking to further their career!