How To Choose A Vintage Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is a priced procession as it an expression of love. Many couples these days are looking to buy a vintage engagement ring rather than a new design for various reasons. However, choosing a ring is a very complicated process you can get easily duped. Begin your process of selecting your ring by visiting which has a large selection of vintage rings. Experts at say that vintage rings are less expensive when compared to modern designs from major brands.

Learning more about rings, its style, how it is set is essential to make a perfect choice.

Ring settings types: Vintage diamond engagement rings come in a variety of designs, but they all fall into a few categories. A ring-setting is also called as a mounting.

Rub-Over: This type of ring setting is a stone surrounded by a metal band.

Countersunk, burnish: It can have more than one stone and is buried into the band, the stone does not rise to the surface of the band.

Pronged: This setting is known for its shine as the stone gets illuminated by light from all sides. Metal pieces around it hold the stone.

Cluster: This design has more than one stone and usually set in prong design. Due to the presence of different stones, it gives an interesting effect.

Ring style: There are numerous styles when it comes to engagement rings. Rings come in different styles and designs, colors, bands, stones, etc. Especially vintage rings come in numerous designs as there are many attractive designs of a different historical era and is hence not easy to select one from so many.

Ring Metal: Just like the usual modern rings, even the vintage rings are made of gold, silver or platinum. Gold comes in flavors of yellow, rose or white. Also, another important thing is that in vintage rings they do not carry hallmark, the quality of the metal can be tested by a jeweler.

Ring Stone: Most commonly used stone in any engagement ring is a diamond. But you can choose from the many stones that are available in the market. If you are knowledgeable about rocks, then you can make a mix and match of a combination of rocks. Vintage engagement rings are unique as they are not only available in diamond but come with various unusual, a colorful mix of precious stones.

Ring Design: Trends and styles in each historical era were very different, so expect the same when it comes to your engagement ring. You can have sapphires around a diamond, emeralds with sapphires, etc. An Edwardian era had platinum rings; Victorian rings were delicate and feminine. Expect your rings to come in shapes like square or any asymmetrical designs.

Precautions to take when purchasing

A vintage engagement ring is something which may have the wear and tear of age. The ring should hence be tested to see if the metal in it can hold the stone. The metal would have over a period lost its strength or become loose and hence may not securely hold the precious stone resulting in loss of the rock. Before purchasing one, get it checked thoroughly by a jeweler.

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